I read a news article a while ago which I wanted to briefly discuss. It reported on the drastic increase in the number of the youth getting involved in crime. Muslims must understand an important principle which can prevent the youth from reaching this outcome. Even though, there are many obligatory duties on muslims yet, the greatest of them is establishing the obligatory prayers. This is when one performs the prayers while fulfilling all their conditions and etiquettes, such as performing them on time. This is because abandoning the obligatory prayers in most cases is the first step which leads to major sins and misguidance. This has been indicated in the Holy Quran. Chapter 29 Al Ankabut, verse 45:

“…Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing…”

The obligatory prayers act as a barrier which protects one from this misguidance but the moment one destroys it it is only a matter of time before they become misguided. This has been warned in chapter 43 Az Zukhruf, verse 36:

“And whoever is blinded from remembrance of the Most Merciful – We appoint for him a devil, and he is to him a companion.”

One only needs to reflect on the people they know who have become misguided and they will realize that in most cases the first step of their misguidance was abandoning the obligatory prayers.

Therefore, it is vital for muslims to establish their obligatory prayers correctly and ensure their dependents, such as their children, do the same. Parents must be proactive by encouraging children to offer their prayers even before they reach the age it becomes obligatory on them. This has been advised by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, in a Hadith found in Sunan Abu Dawud, number 495. Delaying this important teaching will become a great regret for both the parents and the child as encouraging an older child to establish their obligatory prayers when they are not used to it is extremely difficult. Parents should remember that they will answer for their failure to rightly guide their children on Judgment Day as this was a duty on them. This is confirmed in a Hadith found in Sunan Abu Dawud, number 2928. Chapter 66 At Tahrim, verse 6:

“O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire…”



PodNews: Right Guidance: https://youtu.be/opOZh184SwA

PodNews: Right Guidance: https://fb.watch/6qLwrvR11f/

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